Aurion Learning Announces storee Beta

Aurion Learning Announces storee Beta

03 June, 2014

Aurion Learning is pleased to announce the beta availability of their new digital storytelling tool; storee.

The beta release is made available to allow a broad user base to test, evaluate and provide feedback on the new online storytelling tool.

Aurion Learning designed and built storee to help make it easy for people of all technical abilities, to create and share their stories using their own text, audio, video clips and photos online.

“We’re excited about creating a vibrant digital storytelling community,” said Dr. Maureen Murphy, Managing Director at Aurion Learning “storee’s features combined with its easy to use interface will provide the best user experience and most importantly one of the efficient ways to create and share short stories online.”

“We're excited to be starting this storytelling journey, and look forward to sharing our storee vision with users as we continue to develop new and enhanced capabilities and features in this online tool.” Added Maureen.

The storee beta is available to Aurion Learning customers, partners, and members of the public. If you are interested in trying storee Beta, you can sign up and access the beta Access the beta here.

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