Culture of Good Relations Enhanced at Derry City Council with New E-Learning programme

Culture of Good Relations Enhanced at Derry City Council with New E-Learning programme

17 July, 2013

Derry City Council has launched a new online learning programme to raise awareness of Good Relations and understanding of local diversity for its staff members.

Developed in partnership with diversity e-learning experts Aurion Learning, the programme will further enhance the skills and knowledge of Equality and Good Relations for the people who work at Derry City Council and for stakeholders who avail of Council services or come into contact with their staff. 

Derry City Council has a diverse workforce providing a wide range of services to an increasingly diverse population representing over 55 nationalities and 75 languages in the council area.

The new E-Learning resource will be part of a wider blended approach by Derry City Council in 2013 and beyond as they implement Good Relations practice into their areas of work under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act.


Speaking about the new Good Relations programme, Sinead McNicholl, Head of Human Resources at Derry City Council said:

“I am delighted that Derry City Council has adapted this initiative in delivering our Good Relations training programme to the benefit of each and every one of our staff members and councilors.  In a collaborative approach, staff from Community Relations, Human Resources, IT and Marketing have worked closely together to develop the resource and we believe it will be a big success in improving Good Relations in the Derry City Council area. 

Also with Aurion Learning, we can now offer both an engaging online learning resource as well as traditional facilitated sessions designed to suit the preference of each employee.”  

She added:

“The commitment to this training reflects not only Councils dedication to embedding Good Relations in every part of its work, but also highlights the obligation to encourage and support our employees through the provision of best practice training, that will empower and equip them with the knowledge to improve relations within the workplace and create an harmonious  space for all. “


Sue Divin, Community Relations Officer, Derry City Council further added:

“In delivering Derry City Council’s Good Relations Strategy, it is an extremely positive step that Derry City Council has pledged to roll out this training to all members of staff.   This is council showing that it takes Good Relations seriously within the organisation as well as within our communities. 

The topics included in the training mean every staff member and councillor is in a more informed position on Good Relations in the context of the law, our local history, culture and diversity.  The training also focuses on ensuring staff are aware of their rights and responsibilities within a harmonious work environment, and encourages managers and staff to play their role in promoting respect and understanding through their service provision and in their workplace.   

Working in this way can ensure that council as an employer and service provider is open and welcoming to all regardless of religious background, political opinion or race.  Ultimately it is council playing its part in helping to build a shared and better future for everyone, and we would encourage all organisations to train their staff in Diversity and Good Relations.”

Dr. Maureen Murphy, Managing Director of Aurion Learning concluded:

“With over 13 years’ experience delivering equality and diversity e-learning programmes; we are delighted to collaborate with Derry City Council to develop this cost effective and efficient mode of Good Relations learning.

Reinforcing Good Relations will ultimately help to create a stronger organisation - through the richer environments that evolve as a result.”

The Good Relations training programme is now available to all Derry City Council staff.



Additional Information:

Derry City Council is a local government agency which provides a wide array of services. The Council organisation is comprised of 7 departments, each of which has many responsibilities within the corporate structure and in the community, offering a wide range of services to the public.  The departments are made up from Building Control, City Engineers, City Secretary and Solicitors, Development and Environmental Health, Finance and Human Resources as well as the office of the Town Clerk.  For more information view


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