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Deliver effective mobile learning that is easier to create, quicker to deploy and more cost effective.

ByteKast is an innovative mobile learning platform that delivers personalised, engaging learning pathways.

Combine learning resources, courses and activities into structured pathways of learning and deliver them directly to your target audience across any desktop or mobile device.

Ideal for onboarding and training, you can equip your people to develop their skills anytime, anywhere, anyplace. 

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Branded learning app

Put learning directly into the hands of your users. Publish learning pathways to desktop and app with a single click.

Make your initiative public to reach new audiences and drive brand awareness, or enable private mode to engage a specific cohort of learners.



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Create. Curate. Engage

Deliver new and existing content in a structured, engaging way. Users can learn by watching, reading, or listening.

Create learning pathways in ByteKast and curate content from a wide range of sources including, eLearning modules, resources and articles, video streams and podcasts.

Increase learner engagement using a range of activities such as assessments, videos and reinforce learning with rewards, certificates, leader boards and more!

Deliver an intuitive blended learning experience

Add structure and scale to your blended learning efforts by using ByteKast to deliver classroom training, on location events and webinars.

Combine different content formats and activities to create your perfect learning blend. Use QR codes and location check-in to record attendance and set tasks for learners to record work completed.


Increase engagement and completion

ByteKast delivers real time analytics that provides learning insights and data analytics to improve your reporting capabilities on learning completions and engagement.

User progress, completion and retention tracking help you to understand how learners are accessing learning pathways and activities and follow their progress.

View feedback and review comments to review learning content and continuously improve your learning offering.

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