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Do you have classroom training content that you want to repurpose for online learning?

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As well as our standard capacity bundle, we offer two packaged delivery models for organisations who need to convert priority training from the classroom to digital or distance eLearning formats.


Urgent Need: 5 Day Rapid Digital Conversion

Who is it for?

Organisations who urgently need to convert existing training to digital formats.

Learn how to engage and educate your learners online effectively.

What’s involved?

Using daily online sessions with an experienced instructional designer and homework activities, we will guide you through the following:

  • Planning your digital course (including free templates)
  • Hosting your course
  • Developing your content and selecting delivery modes
  • Interacting with your learners
  • Exploring low-cost tech tools

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Priority Need: 5 Stage eLearning Conversion

Who is it for?  

Organisations who have priority training topics that need converted to eLearning courses for self-directed learning.

Learn how to creative, effective, engaging e-learning, now and into the future.

What’s involved?

Combining online teaching and support sessions with individual activities, our 5-stage structured programme covers the following:

  • Content Planning
  • Basics of Instructional Design
  • Training on a leading e-learning authoring tool
  • Designing in the tool: graphics and user interface design
  • Creating assessments and publishing your course

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Thinking Bigger?

We also offer a full range of eLearning services ranging including learning platforms to track and report on eLearning courses to enhanced design support from the Aurion team, including:

  • Configuration and deployment of a learning management system to track and report on course completions
  • End to end design and build of eLearning courses by the Aurion team
  • Advice, support and consultancy to establish and refine your digital learning strategy

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"Thank you to the Aurion team for the support and guidance. The interpretation of our requirement was fantastic, if anything it exceeded our initial vision.

From beginning to end, all staff were a pleasure to deal with and really supported us on the journey to creating this programme."

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