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Learn Amp is the all-in-one learning platform designed to facilitate effective staff training, collaboration, and growth - for your business and your people.

The perfect solution for forward-thinking organisations who want to create a holistic learning culture.

Deliver a full range of learning opportunities, help learners to connect, engage and support skills development and performance.

Learning, community and talent development all in one place.

Learn Amp is trusted by workplaces globally

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Feature packed learning

A seamless platform for all your content needs.

Easily upload your own content or access templates from an extensive library, which supports various eLearning formats and offers a marketplace of top content providers.

Create structured learning pathways with checkpoints and playlists. Learners enjoy personalised recommendations and easy content retrieval.

Gain actionable insights through intuitive dashboards with team comparisons and personal recommendations. Drill down into data for specific activity tracking and elevate your learning experience.



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Connect your people

Learn Amp's People Development Hub drives engagement and knowledge transfer through cutting-edge social and community tools.

Users can easily share, rate, and discuss content, recommending material that can help foster a collaborative learning environment.

Want to know what your people really think? Access detailed analysis and insights through quickfire polls and surveys.

Users also benefit from fully searchable, engaging social profiles that showcase the expertise and interests of their colleagues. Connect, share and communicate seamlessly.

Users can automatically join relevant groups as they complete content, and content sequencing ensures a seamless learning progression.


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Use cases

Learn Amp is highly versatile, making it ideal for:

  • Talent development
  • Employee induction and onboarding
  • Social and collaborative learning
  • Knowledge management
  • Compliance training
  • Sales enablement
  • Customer/partner training. 

Covering all your needs in one easy to use UI.

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Develop talent

Learn Amp supercharges skills growth, and integrates learning content, performance management, and career advancement seamlessly:

  1. Achieve Goals with Objectives
  1. Skill Tracking for Recommendations
  1. 1-to-1 Alignment with Company Goals
  1. Flexible Roles and Permissions

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''Learn Amp has done the impossible and created a system with unique capabilities.''

Craig Weiss - CEO of The Craig Weiss Group and Founder of FindAnLMS.com

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