A new eLearning tool for Nursing, Midwifery, Health and Social Care Professionals in the Health Service Executive (HSE) has been deployed.

The newly launched Clinical Leadership Competency Framework (CLCF) is now available on the HSE’s online learning and development platform, HSELanD.

In collaboration with Aurion Learning, the HSE’s National Clinical Leadership Centre for Nursing and Midwifery (NCLC) and the National Health and Social Care Professions (HSCP) Office, designed and developed the CLCF eLearning tool to provide healthcare professionals with the necessary knowledge and tools to support their clinical leadership competency development.

The CLCF will support clinical leadership development in all Nursing and Midwifery grades, up to and including, Clinical Nurse Manager and Clinical Midwife Manager grades 2 or equivalent. The CLCF supports Health and Social Care Professionals from Staff grade to senior grade positions.


The eLearning resource is designed to be a flexible, individualised mode of learning that health care professionals can use in their own time and at their own pace, and includes an assessment to support the benchmarking of leadership strengths against developmental needs.

The work-based activities contained within CLCF facilitates the application of learning into real-world practice. It is also enhanced with a suite of leadership resources and direct access to other online supports.

“Clinical leadership is everyone’s business and we believe it is vital to support the development of clinical leadership competency and capacity from early on in health professionals’ careers,” said Marie Kilduff (NCLC Interim Director) and Jackie Reed, National Lead, National Health and Social Care Professions Office.

They added:
“We would like to thank everyone involved, including our own teams, front line staff and managers and the Aurion Learning team for all their hard work and commitment which has led to the development of this high-quality clinical leadership resource.”

Commenting on the launch of the CLCF, Dr Maureen Murphy, Chief eLearning Strategist and Managing Director at Aurion Learning said: 
“This latest development provides the next step in the CPD journey for a growing and diverse Irish healthcare workforce.

CLCF has been created as a multi-modal CPD platform offering; courses, resources and professional planning tools that will support healthcare professionals take ownership of their own on-going professional development.”

Aurion Learning supports the Health Service Executive to develop online learning and development opportunities through HSeLanD.

The new CLCF can be accessed through www.hseland.ie

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