Following a public procurement exercise, Ireland’s national energy authority, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), has selected Aurion Learning to design and develop a new online training programme for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the topics of sustainability and efficiency.  

The new suite of eLearning modules from SEAI will support businesses across Ireland in addressing their energy usage, improving their competitiveness, and reducing their energy costs and environmental impact. 

In collaboration with subject specialists from SEAI, Aurion will lead the design and development of approximately 70 short eLearning nuggets, which will be accessed using the LearnUpon Learning Management System (LMS)

Training delivered through the LMS will include a wide range of topics, from a Basic Introduction to Energy & Climate to sector-specific topics such as heat pumps, lighting, and insulation.

Aurion will also provide frontline support and hosting of the unique learning solution.

Andrea Carroll, Programme Manager, SME Business at SEAI said:

“SEAI is delighted to provide a comprehensive learning solution for all businesses and energy users in Ireland to access high-quality training that can provide businesses with significant potential cost savings.”

She added:  

“This innovative solution called the SEAI Energy Academy is the ideal place for businesses to start on their energy efficiency journey. The online training, which is free, quick and easy, will help businesses develop a strategy for reducing their energy use and carbon impact, as well as upskilling staff on all things related to business energy. We are excited to add this option to the wide range of business supports offered by SEAI. “ 

Gavin Woods, Client Services Director at Aurion Learning commented:

“We are thrilled that SEAI has chosen to partner with us on this initiative. Training and awareness play a key role in SEAI’s strategy and the features of the planned solution are specifically designed to provide easy access to engaging, effective content for SMEs. We look forward to working with our SEAI colleagues and creating ‘Learning that Works’ for this challenge together.”

The online learning platform and content solution will be accessed via the SEAI website and is scheduled to be rolled out in spring of 2020. 

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