Covid -19 (Coronavirus) precautionary measures are pushing change in organisations. Remote working policies and continuity plans are being implemented as pre-emptive measures to avoid spreading of the infection.

In this article, Gavin Woods, Client Services Director at Aurion Learning shares his insights into the role that training can play during this exceptional period.

As well as putting our necessary plans in place at Aurion Learning to keep our staff safe and informed, we are beginning to see several changes being driven in training initiatives across organisations.   

As many organisations face temporary, yet challenging restrictions which affect their instructor-led training centres, our clients, working with our digital first eLearning solutions, can meet their unique and specialist training needs by transferring their classroom sessions online.

Many clients have also commented to me this week that restrictions and disruptions will likely increase the volume of online learning, and whilst that is not our focus at the moment, here are some thoughts worth sharing on the role that digital learning and training can play at this time and also how it can be created.



Online alternatives for essential face to face training

Notwithstanding world events, some training still needs to go ahead, particularly those that are regulatory, or compliance-related. Topics or sessions that you had planned on teaching or training can still go ahead.

In today’s digital era, learners can still connect and engage in learning experiences away from the traditional classroom by running virtual classrooms and transfer instructor-led courses into an engaging eLearning programme amongst other digital options.

So, if you have had to cancel sessions or events that are difficult to manage without and wondering how to bring instructor-led training online quickly, drop me a line on some of the alternatives, we’re on hand to help and advise.

A boost to self-directed training for the future organisational benefit

Large numbers of staff will be working from home to reduce social contact. If well enough to do so, the lack of client contact in some roles provides time for self-directed learning and training in areas that are not directly related to the virus crisis.

If staff are not able to work on their core roles, training now for future benefit is a sensible thing to do and something that is often a lower priority when we are so busy.

As healthcare learning specialists, we can assist organisations with the creation and dissemination of organisational specific training on procedures, policies and staff advice.

As Aurion has delivered a large percentage of our content creation projects completely remotely, we use online tools and meetings in our process as standard and we have lots of options ranging from quick low tech approaches to higher-end custom content modules.

Play your part

There is no doubt that we are all facing unprecedented public health events and I urge everyone to listen and implement public health agency advice to keep themselves and others as safe as possible.

Hand hygiene is, however, one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infections.

You can help prevent the spread of infection by protecting yourself and others by regularly washing your hands.

Created for the Health Service Executive staff, this video is part of a suite of infection prevention eLearning modules co-developed with Aurion.

Watch the video below on how to wash your hands correctly:

What we might learn from this crisis

We all hope for as limited an impact as possible and a return to normality.

Organisations will want to have a much better mix of viable training options, ensuring that the continuity of learning can still be delivered. The after-effects of this crisis will likely be an increase in blended and online options in case something similar happens, regardless of the external environment.

Digital was playing a big role in organisations anyway but at times like these, it will play a vital role in maintaining consistency and connectivity.

Now more so than ever, and given the implications of self-isolation, it is crucial that people stay connected and informed online, so ensure you are using all the digital assets you have at your disposal to their maximum.  

If you would like to draw on our expertise, I’d be happy to have a call and start a conversation for advice purposes without a sales agenda attached. In the meantime, please stay safe all and take care of yourselves and each other.

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