Aurion Learning is pleased to announce the launch of a three-part webinar series for organisations and individuals who want, and need to transfer their training programs from traditional, classroom face-to-face sessions into digital formats, quickly and easily.

The webinar series has been developed following topic requests made in Aurion's recent webinar: Convert priority training content to online learning.

Research from The eLearning Guild suggests 85% of organisations are now moving some or all of their classroom courses online.  Aurion Learning will share their proven instructional and design techniques to ensure that the training and learning content being transferred truly works well in this how-to webinar series.

This webinar series will also provide suggestions on the different digital options and alternatives available and how they may be used to the best effect and advise of the pitfalls that will help those delivering training a remote audience, regardless of the objective of your online session.

The practical webinars will be presented by Gavin Woods, Client Service Director, along with learning and design specialists from Aurion Learning.

Get the recordings from the previous 'how-to' webinar series:

How to convert priority training content online 

Are you looking for effective ways to convert priority training from the classroom to digital formats?

Find out how you can transfer your classroom training online with ease during this webinar.

Watch now

How to structure PowerPoint for remote training

Do you have an urgent training need and want to utilise your PowerPoint training materials for remote learning? 

Get practical tips and instructional insights and learn the practical strategies for structuring a PowerPoint presentation to make the most of your existing classroom materials for online delivery.           

Watch now

How to design and run effective eLearning webinars 

Are you interested in reaching a wider audience of learners by hosting interactive webinars?   

Watch the recording as we provide a guide on how to design and facilitate engaging, live, interactive webinars. With support from our experienced team, you will follow our 5-step approach to designing, delivering, and evaluating an instructional webinar.           

Watch now

How to create effective remote learning activities

Do you want to keep your learners engaged while they are learning remotely?         

Workplace learning activities are a great way to engage learners in between formal training session. Watch the recording to find out how to structure an effective activity and tailor your chosen activities for remote learning.      

Watch now

As planned classroom led training sessions are on hold for the foreseeable future, we are keen to provide practical, actionable support at this time. This webinar series will cover the topics that people were asking to touch on as they convert priority training for online or blended delivery. Gavin Woods, Client Services Director

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