Aurion Learning is pleased to extend our contract on the NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) Framework Agreement as an approved supplier for Consult 18: Multidisciplinary Consultancy Services.

The framework, which was due to close on 2 January 2023, has been extended by a further 9 months, ending on 29 September 2023. This will enable all NHS and public sector organisations to continue to avail of our digital learning services and solutions.

The NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) Framework is easy to use and provides a convenient procurement route for public sector organisations looking to advance their digital learning initiatives.

The NHS SBS procurement framework is OJEU compliant, removing the need for public sector organisations to complete an individual European Union (OJEU) procurement process. Providing the ability to directly call off from the framework or run a mini competition, saving time and resources.

The framework is open to all NHS and public sector organisations, including local authorities, emergency services and educational establishments for the provision of multidisciplinary consultancy services for contracts, either as a single service, or a range of services.

Aurion Learning is an approved supplier on Lot 7 - HR of the framework.

Under this lot, public sector organisations can procure a range of Multidisciplinary Consultancy Services, including online learning design and development advisory services to support the creation of eLearning courses, learning portals and digital, blended learning solutions.

For over 20 years, Aurion Learning has been a strategic learning partner to some of the largest and well-known NHS and public sector organisations. We have also been appointed to the following UK Government frameworks:

  • G-Cloud 13 (RM1557.13)
  • Digital Outcomes & Specialists 5 (RM1043.7)
  • Digital Outcomes 6 (RM1043.8)
  • Learning & Training Services DPS (RM6219)

For further information on the NHS Shared Business Services Consult 18: Multidisciplinary Consultancy Services framework, or for any questions or support needed to get started, we will be more than happy to assist and guide you on making the most of the framework.

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