We are thrilled to announce that Aurion Learning has become a proud member of the ECHAlliance - the Global Health Connector, a global community committed to transforming healthcare and driving innovation in the digital health space, to promote better care for all citizens worldwide.

At Aurion Learning, we've always been passionate about leveraging the right healthcare digital learning solutions to enhance healthcare, and our partnership with ECHAlliance allows us to extend our impact even further.

By joining this dynamic network of 22,000 healthcare leaders and experts across 1,000 member organisations in 78 countries, we aim to:


  • Foster collaboration: Together with ECHAlliance, we will collaborate with key stakeholders to develop cutting-edge digital learning solutions that address the challenges facing healthcare and patient education.
  • Share best practices: We look forward to sharing our expertise in digital learning while learning from other industry leaders to improve healthcare learning challenges worldwide.
  • Drive innovation: As part of ECHAlliance, we will be at the forefront of digital health innovation, working to revolutionise how we learn and deliver care.
  • Create opportunities: Our involvement with ECHAlliance opens exciting possibilities for collaboration, growth, and the creation of meaningful change in healthcare.


Commenting on the announcement, Sinead McCarthy, Healthcare Client Services Manager at Aurion Learning said:

“As a leading digital learning company, Aurion Learning has dedicated over two decades to creating healthcare digital learning solutions specifically tailored to address the distinct challenges within the health and social care sector. We have earned the trust of renowned public and top-tier health and social care organisations, such as the Health Services Executive, NHS, and GSK. Our track record includes successfully executing extensive projects for governments and global healthcare organisations.

Sinead added:

“This latest milestone with the ECHAlliance will ensure that we continue to make a positive impact on the healthcare sector and look forward to bringing our digital learning solutions to a wider audience.”

Speaking on behalf of ECHAlliance Andy Bleaden the Communities Director said:

“We are pleased to welcome Aurion Learning into our community at a time when skills in healthcare are a high priority for our members. We look forward to connecting, convening, amplifying and accelerating the work of Aurion Learning across our Global Health community.”

 About ECHAlliance

ECHAlliance unites its global community within a network of ecosystems designed to align needs with solutions, dissolve barriers, drive healthcare transformation, facilitate the exchange of best practices and lessons learned, and foster economic opportunities.

ECHAlliance- the Global Health Connector is a not-for-profit organisation operating as a Community Interest Company (CIC) Their global network of digital health alliances connects 78 countries and 8 billion people from Europe, the US, Canada, China, India, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific.

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