GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is one of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

To support their Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), GSK wanted an engaging assessment tool that would build their knowledge and understanding of the assessment and treatment process in clinical settings.

GSK also required a fully responsive solution that would be compatible across multiple browsers.


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Working closely with GSK, we designed a fully custom HTML5 assessment solution, developing two eLearning modules entitled ‘GSK Rheumatology Management Essentials’ and ‘Asthma Diagnosis Essentials’.

To develop empathy within the MSLs, we incorporated relatable scenarios into the modules to help them experience the complexities of gathering and sifting through information provided by patients and the difficulties that provide when making informed decisions relating the treatment and management of the patient’s condition.

To bring the learning experience to life, MSLs are taken through various real-world patient scenarios where they must question the patient, perform an examination and review test results, following which they must provide a treatment plan tailored to each patient.

Because of the time restraints that physicians experience during a 10-minute consultation, we timed each scenario to provide MSLs with a similar sense of pressure that a physician would face.
To set the scene and tone for each module, we integrated GSK branding throughout the design with large photographic imagery and audio voiceovers.

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As a result of the eLearning modules, GSK MSLs gained a greater empathy towards the role clinical staff play and the challenge they have in dealing with the complex nature of each individual patient’s conditions and care requirements.

Following the completion of the modules, MSLs also gained a greater understanding of the pressure clinicians are under to deliver tailored care and treatment plans to patients within a 10-minute appointment window.

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