Health and Social Care Northern Ireland



HSC NI commissioned Aurion Learning to develop a new mandatory equality and diversity training module that would deliver equality and diversity content online to 60,000 health and social care staff, across all levels in the organisation.

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Scenario based learning was at the forefront of this online learning resource. To encourage every health and social care staff member to immerse themselves in the learning, we created a suite of bespoke characters, used real-world scenarios and best practice examples that helped learners apply their knowledge in their local setting with a focus on positive behaviour change.

Making the very best of great images and designing a modern attractive user interface, meant that the online learning resource was simple and easy to use for all staff across the health service.

The responsive HTML5 design also offered learners the ability for flexible multi-device learning at a time and place that suited learners.

We also applied a range of interactivity to engage learners and assist them in pitting the legal framework into their local workplace context

To facilitate tracking and completion for both staff and managers, we designed the eLearning resource in two distinct parts, with additional content aimed to support managers that were SCORM ready for deployment on the local eLearning environment.

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We designed and developed a bespoke HTML5 eLearning resource ‘Making a Difference.’

With our digital learning solution in place, the HSCNI team can now roll-out their new Equality, Diversity and Good Relations training resource online to 60,000 health and social care workers, spread across multiple locations across Northern Ireland, saving both time and money on their mandatory training initiative.

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