Irish League of Credit Unions



The Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) is a representative body and service provider for 500+ affiliated credit unions on the island of Ireland. One of the main services provided by the ILCU is training to the 14,000 staff and volunteers throughout Ireland.

In line with wider changes in the credit union movement and various legislative and regulatory training requirements in the financial services environment, the ILCU chose Aurion Learning to transform the provision of their learning and development.

The ILCU identified a need to develop the training services that it offers to its affiliated credit unions and improve efficiency in the internal operation of the training department.

To meet this demand, the ILCU wanted to acquire a new learning platform to facilitate the efficient administration of training and development to credit unions.



Tasked with designing and delivering an online portal that would support the ILCU training and development team to deliver training initiatives in one central area effectively and ensure learners could access learning initiatives easily, Aurion Learning worked collaboratively with the ILCU to configure and implement its learning management system, CU Learn.

CU Learn is an online learning management and training platform that enables the ILCU learning and development team to manage and deliver intranet/internet based training, tests, certification programmes and collaboration facilities in one central platform. The learning system also allows affiliated credit unions in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to book and manage all their credit union training needs.

Aurion Learning also provided capacity building training and designed eLearning templates that enable the ILCU learning and development team to design and deliver their own eLearning in-house.



Since its launch, CU Learn has made a significant contribution to operational performance and enabled the ILCU to realise significant costs savings.

There continues to be an increase in learners access the portal. To date, over 9,000 users have accessed CU Learn. eLearning courses have also continued to increase in popularity due to their flexibility to be taken at a time and in a place that suits the participant’s needs.

Beyond the realisation of cost savings, Aurion Learning has helped the ILCU:

  • Provide more training more rapidly
  • Manage the entire training and development process through the deployment of their online learning portal, CU Learn
  • Develop their own eLearning through the provision of capacity building training and eLearning templates. 

Aurion Learning continues to provide education and technical support to the ILCU through a defined Service Level Agreement which includes online and email technical support, additional training and design service when required.

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