Lydian Care

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Lydian Care provides staffing resources to NHS, charitable and private health facilities.

To take their in-house training to the next level, they required a learning partner that would work together to redesign their learning experience.

They also wanted to future-proof their training with a new Learning Management System (LMS) that would allow them to train different clinical and non-clinical staff as they grew.

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As the LMS would be accessed by a wide audience with varying levels of computer literacy, we wanted to ensure that the LMS was easily accessible and intuitive ensuring it’s both easy to navigate and engaging for the learner.

We set-up and configured the LearnUpon LMS in order to provide tracking and the ability to issue certificates of completion. We also provided ongoing technical support to assist Lydian Care as they implemented and rolled out the new system.

To provide an engaging, but cost-effective eLearning solution, we worked closely with Lydian Care, to design and created a set of custom, eLearning templates for clinical and non-clinical audience groups. We pre-designed the Lydian Care branded templates in the industry-leading authoring tool, Articulate Storyline.

The re-usable eLearning templates include matching layouts, scenarios, interactions and videos that allow Lydian Care to add their own content, ensuring the courses not only look professional but have a consistent design approach.

We also provided Lydian Care with Instructional Design and Articulate Storyline training to enable the team to confidently create training courses using their new eLearning templates.

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This digital learning initiative was a success. Lydian Care has transformed the provision of training content to its clinical and non-clinical staff members.

Through the provision of the new custom, reusable templates, Lydian Care have created efficiencies by saving hours transferring classroom training courses into interactive eLearning materials.

Lydian Care has also been able to easily upload the new eLearning courses onto their LMS and streamline the issuing of certificates and reporting.

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