National Cancer Screening Service



To help prepare the 4000 General Practitioners and practice nurses who deliver cervical screening in primary care in Ireland and meet CervicalCheck’s quality training standards, the National Cervical Screening Programme wanted to develop an online training module on Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

HPV image


Working collaboratively with subject matter experts from the National Cervical Screening Programme, we designed and developed a bespoke eLearning programme.

The core focus of the eLearning programme was to assist the practitioner to engage in successful patient interactions relating to HPV testing and results and equip them with the necessary skills to advise and counsel patients in line with the Cervical Check HPV Protocol.

To engage the smeartakers in Primary Care with the subject, we included video scenarios filmed using actors in practical situations and head-to-camera video interviews with subject matter experts supporting learning along with bespoke illustrations on HPV and a knowledge check and summative assessment.

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