National Treasury Management Agency 

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The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) is Ireland's state body with the remit to provide asset and liability management services to Government.


The National Treasury Management Agency identified a requirement for a suite of eLearning materials to support staff from across a number of agencies including HSE, Prison Service, Garda, Defence Forces) to use the NIMS web-based risk management system.

Aurion Learning was commissioned by the NTMA in mid-2017 to deliver a range of eLearning services to train staff from a number of agencies (including the HSE, Tusla, the Irish Prison Service, An Garda Siochana and the Defence Forces) on the use of the National Incident Management System. This web-based risk management system is the principal source of national data on incident and claim activity for the Irish health service. It has been designated as the primary system for end-to-end risk management of all incidents (capture, investigations and reporting) both by the Department of Health and the HSE.


Aurion developed a suite of eLearning modules incorporating product simulations and scenarios to provide learners with relevant and realistic learning content, with multiple module versions created to address the specific needs of the various Agencies.

To fully meet the NTMA’s requirements, Aurion Learning delivered the following core services:

  • Deployment of the LearnUpon learning management system, conducted as 5 individual deployments: 1 x Irish Prison Service; 1 x Defence Forces; 1 x An Garda Siochana; 1 x Tusla; 1 x General – for other users who are not employed by one of the 4 key Agencies.
  • Development of a suite of 6 eLearning modules, comprising:
    • Core introductory module available to all learners
    • Development of 4 agency-specific modules and 1 generic module
  • Inclusion of a range of learning mediums and content types including:  
    • Use of animation to introduce NIMS
    • A range of downloadable resources
    • Professional audio voiceover throughout
    • Use of real-world scenarios with knowledge checks, enabling the learner to put their knowledge to the test and gain supportive feedback on their responses
    • Inclusion of 'Show Me' product simulation videos providing a walkthrough of NIMS
    • 'Try Me' product simulations where the learner is asked to log and update an incident with supportive feedback throughout​


Since the launch, staff across the five agencies (Irish Prison Service, Defence Forces, An Garda Siochana, Tusla, and HSE) can access courses centrally. Positive results have been noted, particularly surrounding the efficiencies created in the roll-out of the online training initiatives.

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