NHS Education for Scotland



NHS Education for Scotland (NES) is responsible for the delivery of national education initiative in the health and social care sector in Scotland.

The introduction of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 resulted in a training requirement for healthcare staff to support the adoption of the requirements of the Act in professional practice.

Aurion Learning was commissioned in 2015 to design and develop an engaging online resource to provide a practical overview of the new act for a range of health and social care stakeholders.



Our dedicated team worked collaboratively with NES and the Scottish Government in scoping, creating and delivering an engaging online resource.
Deploying our tried and tested eLearning methodology and instructional design expertise, our team set about reviewing and enhancing existing storyboards through creative and effective educational techniques.
Our design team also incorporated a range of content types including whiteboard animations, innovative animation of children’s drawings combined with children's audio voice-over and a wide range of on-screen interactive elements and learning scenarios.
The digital learning resource was also deployed on a range of learning management platforms.



The Improving Wellbeing eLearning resource is available for all NHS staff (in clinical and non-clinical roles) throughout Scotland. It raises awareness of the new Act and supports the NHS workforce to implement and embed their responsibilities under the Act into practice.

Online delivery of the training to a nationally dispersed workforce resulted in significant cost savings and efficiencies through a technical approach that can be deployed on multiple learning management platforms and accessed via a wide range of browsers.

The solution has been positively received by all key stakeholders. The Scottish Government have since commissioned Aurion to tailor some of the animated content for additional target audience groups.

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