Scottish Public Services Ombudsman



The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) is responsible for looking at complaints made by members of the public about public services in Scotland.

SPSO needed a quick and cost-effective way to disseminate good practice information to 300,000 public sector worker across Scotland.

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SPSO partnered with Aurion Learning to develop a range of online modules in the area of complaints handling.

Because of the large potential audience for complaints handling training, we ensured that the design allowed it to be highly accessible for those with various levels of computer literacy, using plain English for those who would be learning in their second language.

We also provided the option of using a screen reader or text resizing for learners with visual impairments.

As the eLearning programme needed to be highly interactive and engaging, we applied both formative and summative assessments to allow learners to apply newfound knowledge within a safe environment.


SPSO now have a high-quality and engaging complaints handling eLearning programme that provides standardised training for all public sector workers across Scotland.

We also deployed a platform solution to assist SPSO to deliver the training to over 300,000 public sector workers in Scotland.

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