Scottish Social Services Council



The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) is the regulator for the social service workforce in Scotland.

Aurion Learning has been a preferred eLearning partner to the SSSC for several years and previously developed an online learning portal, Step into Leadership, to support leadership education in the social care sector, as well as a number of video and animation pieces.

To expand the resources available on the learning portal, SSSC wanted to develop a new, motivating video resource for service users and social care professionals that would encourage young people to ‘go for their dreams’ and ‘encourage families and professionals to listen to these dreams and to help people follow them'.



We set about transforming the outline script into an engaging piece of learning content and developed an inspiring learning nugget in the form of a real-life storytelling video.

Adopting a documentary style approach, the resource charted the progress of the interviewee, Alexander, and the assistance he received from his support worker. Our solution included:

  • Planning, recording and post-editing of a mini-documentary style video.
  • Head-to-camera interviews, cutaway shots, bespoke onscreen graphics and captions throughout.
  • Transformation of SSSC values into lively, positive and engaging video content.

 We invite you to listen to Alexander’s inspiring story below:

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