Skills Development Scotland



Skills Development Scotland (SDS) wanted to develop online resources to support SDS front line Career Information Advice and Guidance practitioners, by increasing their knowledge, confidence and capability as they use My World of Work (WoW) in their practice.

WOW 1.jpg


Through facilitated design and content workshops, our dedicated team worked collaboratively with SDS and stakeholder groups to identify the key messages, features and benefits My WoW resource and incorporate these into the design of engaging and effective online learning and support resources.

A key component of the solution was to utilise a range instructional techniques to actively support positive behaviours across a wide audiences, while designing high interactive engaging and interactive learning objects that are easy and enjoyable to use.

We also ensured that the eLearning resources could be deployed in a wide range of technical settings and could be reused in varying combinations with appropriate supporting materials for multiple target audiences and supported external partners and end users of the service.

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The My World of Work eLearning resources enable SDS staff to help equip more individuals with the skills and information they need to progress effectively in their working and learning lives.

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