University College Dublin



Ireland’s largest university, University College Dublin (UCD) wanted to extend the use of learning beyond the lecture theatre and create a new digital culture of learning, offering world class education and qualifications through a selection of online courses.

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Aurion Learning partnered with UCD to support their dedicated team to transform their traditional classroom based learning into a selection of globally recognised UCD online courses through a new eLearning portal – UCD Online.

We provided UCD with a series of targeted training and support workshops, designed specifically to build internal online learning capacity within UCD academics and teaching assistants to transform their traditional teaching model and resources into effective online learning programmes and qualifications.

Support included:

  • Instructional design training
  • Curriculum development for online delivery
  • Design of reusable eLearning template
  • Design of a comprehensive content style guide for academics and teaching assistants focusing on content writing guidelines, use of the templates, key copyright issues, protocols for content development
  • Design of a webinar/online lecture presentation template
  • Educational support clinics to support content authors


UCD Online now offers a selection of courses online, providing both undergraduate and postgraduate students with an on demand and flexible learning approach through a dedicated eLearning portal.

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